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The vision

The proposal is to redevelop the existing resort at Lindeman Island into three world class tourist resorts with a day spa, tourist villas and village precinct.

Part of Lindeman Island has been
used as a tourist resort since


Project construction is due
to commence in


with project completion
in 2021.



The redevelopment of Lindeman Island into a major tourist resort is forecast to provide the following significant
economic benefits:

An estimated final development cost of $583 million;

Creation of an average of 300 construction-related jobs on-site during the construction period;

Creation of around 300 full time equivalent jobs on the Island once operational plus additional employment created elsewhere in the region through flow-on or multiplier effects;

Adding approximately $140 million (gross) during operations to the Mackay Region’s Gross Regional Product;

A substantial increase in total visitor days in the regional Mackay area, generating income and business for not only the local area but also companies that offer commercial flights to the area;

Broadening of the regional Mackay economy through improved elevation of regional based tourism as an industry, through “destination” marketing and thus reducing the current reliance on the mining and agricultural industries;

Significant increases in local and state government revenue through rates, property transaction duties, land tax and payroll tax.