Proposed Land Tenure arrangements ..Approved for publication 26/07/2017

The Queensland Government has approved public notification of the Lindeman Great Barrier Reef Resort Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement. White Horse Lindeman Island Pty Ltd plans to build a $583 million world class integrated resort including a six-star spa resort as well as two additional five-star resorts, two tourist villa precincts, a village with bars, restaurants and shops, lagoon pools, and an upgrade to the existing airstrip. The project will be built on the site of the former Club Med Resort. White Horse purchased the former Club Med Resort in 2012 after the previous owners closed the resort down.

Mr. Paul Nyholt from White Horse says that the plans to redevelop the existing resort at Lindeman Island have taken over two years to prepare and are based on comprehensive assessment of the Island’s ecological, cultural and scenic values. “Our team walked over the entire site to make sure that each building is located in an area that has the lowest possible environmental impact.

White Horse is concerned about an article in the media on Monday 24th July 2017 headed “Lindeman Island Land Grab” which it believes paints a misleading picture of the proposed resort and land tenure proposal as:
* Historical Use –The 36.9 hectares of land, proposed to be converted to perpetual leasehold, is the subject of an existing long term leasehold owned by White Horse, has been utilised for commercial purposes over many years and currently accommodates infrastructure that has been in place since the late 1990’s such as the resorts golf course, the sewage treatment infrastructure, storage facilities and the resort’s water supply dam. The 36.9 hectares includes 5.9 hectares to be subject to a nature refuge agreement with National Parks.
* Land returned to National Park – The proposed resort area will actually be smaller as a result of our proposal to give back to National Park 34.7 hectares of existing perpetual and long term leasehold land owned by White Horse. This will result in the current overall resort site area held by White Horse to be reduced from 138.17 hectares to 113.78 hectares. There is a benefit to rationalise land tenure boundaries so that the land can be effectively managed.

Mr Nyholt said that White Horse Lindeman is committed to ensuring that the project sets new standards in sustainable tourism. Proposed environmental improvements associated with the project include:
– A new National Park and Great Barrier Reef Education Centre
– Maintaining walking trails and visitor infrastructure in the National Park area’s
– Rehabilitation of disturbed habitats including the eradication of pest plants.
– Renewable energy production (solar/diesel hybrid)
– Incorporation of water conservation devices and improvements to stormwater management
– Wastewater treatment plant with water treated to Class A+ standard.

For more information please contact:
Mr Paul Nyholt
Chief Executive Officer
White Horse Australia Lindeman Pty Ltd….0408-581883