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In 2012 White Horse Australia Lindeman Pty Ltd (White Horse Australia or proponent) purchased the resort from Club Med. Since this time White Horse Australia has been investigating a range of options to redevelop the site into a world class integrated tourist resort that protects the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage values and set new international standards in environmental sustainability and resort design. The Lindeman Great Barrier Reef Resort Project (proposed resort or project) presented in this Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) would result in a world class experience, which will not only lift the marketability of the island but also revitalise the Whitsundays and Queensland as a vibrant domestic and international tourist destination.

The project has been designed to protect the Outstanding Universal Values (OUV) associated with the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area (GBRWHA) through site responsive design and set new standards in sustainable tourism. Proposed environmental improvements include renewable energy production (solar/diesel hybrid), rehabilitation of disturbed habitats, incorporation of water conservation devices, improvements to stormwater management and a wastewater treatment plant with water treated to Class A+ standard. A National Park and Great Barrier Reef Research Centre is also proposed.

Note: The proposed masterplan is currently being revised to respond to comments made during the public notification period.

Proposed Masterplan (with safe harbour removed) – As publically notified

Note: This EIS was initially prepared assuming that the safe harbour was to be part of the Lindeman Great Barrier Reef Resort Project.  With the commencement of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s (GBRMPA) Dredging Coral Reef Habitat Policy (2016), further impacts on Great Barrier Reef coral reef habitats from yet more bleaching, and the recent impacts from Tropical Cyclone Debbie, the proponent no longer seeks assessment and approval to construct a safe harbour at Lindeman Island.  Instead the proponent seeks assessment and approval for upgrades to the existing jetty and additional moorings in sheltered locations around the island to enable the resort’s marine craft to obtain safe shelter under a range of wind and wave conditions.  Accordingly, remaining references to, and images of, a safe harbour on various figures and maps in the EIS are no longer current.